4 Italian Wine Myths Busted

Ideas and stories can often take a leave of their own. We are familiar with these tales all over the world. Folk tales and myths are some of the most misleading beliefs that barely anyone can understand why they were taken as truth anyway. Today we are busting some of the myths that surround Italian wine, so uncork a bottle, pour a glass and enjoy!

  1. Chianti is Cheap Wine

    For the most part, Chianti wine was seen is a standard wine, though some exquisite bottles did exist, most bottles where or standard quality. It is only in the USA where the wine industry started placing hefty prices on the bottles. Now it’s hard to find a cheap bottle of Chianti in your local store.

  2. You Should Only Drink Italian Wine, With Italian Foods

    This is a common misconception. Great culinary pleasures can be achieved by pairing a bottle of Italian red with a nice pizza or carbonara. However, don’t be afraid to mix up your dishes with the fine wines of Italy. Italian wines are among the most food friendly drinks available, with it going well with most French dishes and even the odd Tex-Mex mix!

  3. Pinot Grigio is The Best Italian Wine

    Average Pinot is just plain old average. While they are dry and refreshing, they can be mixed with most dishes without causing a poor taste. Pinot Grigio, like many other wines, are just a standard dinner wine. Some extraordinary Pinot Grigios can be found, but most of them are a standard quality.

  4. Red Wine is King

    The country makes red wine well, that is for sure. But even though they make twice the amount of red wine, some of the finest wines are white. You do have to do some traveling; these white wines are not available at your local Walmart. Local breweries and small vineyards are the creators of world class white wines.