Careful what you post, even if private, you might be caught with your pants around your ankles

Do this if you dare.

Some of you have already tried this out. But because you did not want the whole world to know about how you look in the nude or in your favorite midnight snack outfits, you adjusted your video or camera settings and marked it private. You posted a note to self; for later use (perhaps). You foolishly trusted the net’s tools. And so far you seem to believe that no-one’s ever going to find out about the things you did behind her (or his) back.

Here’s the thing; sooner or later you will be found wanting. When the day comes that the hackers at find you out, don’t be surprised when your pants or knickers come right off out of sheer fright at the suddenness of your private revelations being found out. It will be days like this that you will be wishing that you were a famous celebrity. Because at least then you will be well-publicized and will be paid a small fortune for being outed.

As things stand now, you’ll be heading for the divorce courts and quite possibly lose your own small fortune and castle. If it’s a she, you can expect her to take you on for everything that you’ve got left of in the world, even your funeral suit and tie. If it’s a he do not expect any sympathy or favors from him now. Spare a few moments from your busy social schedule to learn just how these hackers are ripping g-strings and shorts off of the folks whose private lives have now become public knowledge and ridicule.

Do this too if you dare.