Why Your Messy Home Could Be Impacting Your Dating Success

All of the successful users of a Dating App know that every aspect of your date has to be planned to perfection. Your date’s hair did not style itself on purpose, nor did your stubble just happen to fall off a few hours earlier. Detail is the king in the dating world. But many of us forget one thing that will turn away an estimated 25% on dates, cleaning the home.

Dating App

Reports are showing that our homes are an extension of ourselves. Meaning if your home is a dump, you’re probably not that much cleaner inside.

Before The Date

These days with the online Dating App being a huge part of life, we are all guilty of a little bit of cyber stalking.  When browsing through potential dates Facebook profile, 87% of women say a dirty room in the background is a turn-off, and men coming in slightly behind with 76%. While there is no direct connection, we can assume that the reason behind this is a subconscious connection behind how well we take care of our homes and ourselves.

After The Date

We all know the feeling of a date that has gone well, the chemistry has been boiling all evening and it’s time to head home. This is where a lot of us will part with a hug and a peck on the cheek instead of inviting their date in for “coffee”. One-third of us would rather leave their date hanging instead of inviting them home due to the mess that awaits them at home. If the date is going really well, doing this might send your date into a mental spiral. Wondering why you didn’t want to invite them in for some intimacy.

In The Long Term

Home and personal hygiene seem to be a major decision maker for people when seeking out a mate. 75% of people would consider ending a relationship due to poor personal hygiene or a messy pad. Only 30% of those who took part in the survey would try and argue their opinion about cleanliness, the rest would just up and leave the other person!